September 27, 2023


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Assessment: Sweetarts Gummies Fruity Splitz

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Sweetarts Gummies Fruity Splitz are tender and tangy, fruit-flavored gummy candies. Every items has two sides–a candy facet and a tart facet.

A 5-oz package deal prices about $4 however I obtained this courtesy of Ferrera.

Sweetarts Gummies Fruity Splitz are available in six flavors: Cherry, Apple, Orange, Blue Punch (you realize, fruit punch that’s blue so you’ll be able to simply establish it in opposition to the opposite colours), Lemon, and Grape.

The highest halves of the candies are strong coloured, whereas the underside halves are translucent. The feel is identical tender, chewiness for each halves although. They are not terribly sticky so I did not find yourself attempting to work them from my tooth.

The flavors are pretty robust and, like numerous fruit-flavored candies, they do not essentially style just like the precise fruit however slightly no matter taste they got here up with to characterize the fruit.

Every sweet do certainly have a candy half and a tangy half however it is a bit onerous to attempt to eat one half with out getting a number of the different half so you find yourself simply getting a mix of each candy and tangy.

When it comes to tanginess, Sweetarts Fruity Splitz are tangier than common gummies are typically however not a lot as bitter candies–they did not make my mouth need to pucker.

Total, Sweetarts Gummies Fruity Splitz make for an gratifying tackle Sweetarts candies in gummy kind. The chewiness is satisfying and the flavors are good. I am just a bit disenchanted you can’t truly cut up the candies.

Dietary Data – Sweetarts Gummies Fruity Splitz
Serving Measurement – 10 items (31g)
Energy – 100 (from Fats – 0)
Fats – 0g (Saturated Fats – 0g)
Sodium – 40mg
Carbs – 23g (Sugar – 15g)
Protein – 1g

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