October 1, 2023


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Evaluation: Little Caesars – Pretzel Crust Pizza (2023)

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Little Caesars’ Pepperoni Pretzel Crust Pizza encompasses a a big, spherical, buttery-flavored, delicate pretzel crust pizza topped with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, mozzarella and Muenster cheeses, pepperoni, and a four-cheese mix.

The pizza prices $6.99 however I acquired this courtesy of Little Caesars.

Since I final reviewed the pizza again in 2014, it appears like they’ve switched out white cheddar and yellow cheddar, which did not appear to have an effect on the style of the pizza any however did give it extra of a mottled orange floor on prime.

The pretzel crust supplied a darker hue in comparison with the pizza I attempted beforehand however nonetheless had only a delicate pretzel taste to it. Nonetheless, it was good sufficient to make for a delicate pretzel breadstick on the finish of every slice. There was loads of pretzel salt on the crust and it was particularly salty the place the tip crust meets the pizza toppings, as any stray or loosened salt tended to fall into the slight border between. I loved consuming the pizza much more once I disregarded most of pretzel salt.

The topped pizza portion felt a bit like a reasonably wealthy, grilled cheese sandwich however minus many of the crunch from toast, because the crust was largely delicate, pretty ethereal, and barely chewy with solely mild crisping right here and there. (I acquired the crunch again by reheating the leftover slices on a forged iron pan.) The pepperoni largely added a salty meatiness and a slight smokiness.

Whereas it has been variety of years since, I bear in mind considering that the Pretzel Crust Pizza from 2014 was fairly salty as an entire, however this time round I discovered it fairly average when it comes to salt and due to this fact extra satisfying for it (apart from the tip crust, which was loads salty after which some). It felt just like the cheese sauce particularly was a lot much less salty, which additionally made it really feel richer.

Total, Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza turned out very well. As I discussed above, it felt like a buttery, grilled cheese sandwich with pretzel breadsticks–both of which had been tasty.

Dietary Data – Little Caesars Pepperoni Pretzel Crust Pizza with Cheese Sauce
Energy – 2210 (from Fats – 840)
Fats – 95g (Saturated Fats – 36g)
Sodium – 11050mg
Carbs – 245g (Sugar – 13g)
Protein – 95g

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