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Rotisserie Rack Of Veal Recipe

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The vacations are coming. What is going to you grill to thrill your loved ones and wow your pals?

Prime rib? Been there. (It by no means fails to impress.) Complete beef tenderloin? Completed that. (It definitely reveals you to be the magnanimous grill grasp you at all times are.)

As for me, this 12 months, I’m spit-roasting an entire rack of veal from D’Artagnan. You possibly can see the recipe that I developed beneath.

Rotisserie Rack Of Veal

Veal? You could possibly name it the opposite ‘different chicken,’ and its majestic look and delicate, refined taste undoubtedly belong in your grill—and in your vacation desk.

Merely outlined, veal is a younger male cow. Custom requires it to be processed at 6 months previous or much less—whereas nonetheless on a milk-based weight loss program. This retains the meat pale in coloration and remarkably mild-flavored. You’re most likely acquainted with veal chops and scaloppine. It’s time to up the ante with an entire rack—the veal equal of a primary rib.

Veal acquired one thing of a foul rap in many years passed by, when stories of merciless farming practices started to flow into within the press. Veal gross sales within the U.S. plummeted in a single day. It’s nonetheless troublesome to search out veal at most supermarkets.

D’Artagnan Meat Purveyor

Enter the premier meat purveyor, D’Artagnan, which sources its veal from small farms within the southwest of France. Based by Ariane Daguin in 1985 (and named for considered one of Alexandre Dumas’ swashbuckling musketeers), D’Artagnan goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure that its veal is expertly and humanely raised.

For starters, D’Artagnan makes use of solely Charolais and Limousin breed cattle from small farms in Ariane’s native southwestern France. The calves stay in open “group housing,” untethered and by no means caged or penned. They’re raised on a pure milk-based weight loss program with out the grain end widespread elsewhere.

What outcomes is meat with a pale pink coloration that turns nearly pearly when cooked. The meat is nice, gentle, and delicate. It’s additionally extraordinarily lean—a boon should you’re watching your fats consumption. Simply take care to not overcook it.

D’Artagnan’s rack of veal provides the identical eye-popping presentation of a primary rib, however with much more subtlety and finesse.

Ever a fan of the scorching crust and succulent meat produced by spit-roasting, I cooked my rack of veal on a charcoal-burning rotisserie. The oblique warmth cooks the veal whereas holding it tender.

The gradual spin of the turnspit bastes the meat in and out, holding it moist. By including hardwood to the coals, you may lay on a fragile smoke taste—at all times appreciated within the Raichlen family.


So should you’re in search of a brand new vacation showstopper, this rotisserie rack of veal with rosemary and lemon could be your ticket.

Rosemary Lemon Rack of Veal Recipe

Rack of Veal Recipe

Serves: 6
Methodology: Spit-roasting/rotisserie
You’ll additionally want: butcher’s string; wooden chunks or chips for smoking (I like cherry), thee latter soaked in water to cowl, then drained. Daniel—hyperlink to butcher string in our retailer (add it if needed) and to my Barbecue Essentials cherry chunks.


  • 1 rack of veal (5 to six kilos)
  • Additional virgin olive oil for basting
  • Coarse sea salt and freshly floor black pepper
  • 1 bunch recent rosemary, torn into sprigs
  • 1 small Meyer or common lemon, thinly sliced and seeded

Recipe Steps

1. French the rack of veal, that’s, lower the meat away from the highest 1-1/2 inches of the ribs, scraping the bones clear with a paring knife. Do you completely must French the ribs? No, however this can give your rack the skilled look so prized by the French. (Legend has it that ribs had been “frenched” so the gentry may choose up the bones with out soiling their fingers.)

Rack of Veal - cut

2. Utilizing butcher’s string, truss the rack, tightly tying one loop of string between every rib, and one lengthy string across the circumference of the roast, as illustrated within the photograph.

Tie the Veal with butcher string

3. Brush the rack of veal throughout with olive oil and season generously throughout with salt and pepper. Tuck rosemary sprigs and lemon slices below the trussing strings.

Add rosemary and lemon the the veal

4. In the meantime, arrange your grill for spit-roasting. Warmth to medium-high (400 levels).

5. Skewer the rack of veal from finish to finish on the rotisserie spit and safe it with the prongs. Place the veal on the grill and add a wooden chunk or a handful of wooden chips to the coals. If utilizing a gasoline grill, place in your grill’s smoker field.

6. Spit-roast the veal till scorching and browned on the surface and cooked to style, 1 to 1-1/4 hours. Baste it two or 3 times with olive oil because the veal cooks: use a rosemary sprig as your basting brush. I like my veal nonetheless with a blush of pink—with an inner temperature of 150 levels. My spouse prefers medium—160 levels.

Rack of Veal on the Rotisserie.

7. Switch the rack of veal to a wire rack over a sheet pan. Loosely tent with foil and let relaxation for five to 10 minutes, then carve into chops and serve, with any drippings spooned over the meat.

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