September 27, 2023


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The Information to Smoking on a Gasoline BBQ

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One of many questions I get loads from clients and mates is “Can I smoke on a gasoline BBQ?”. The easy reply is sure you may, with just some items of kit. With kits like our Christmas Ham Package being so standard, I wished to place collectively a fast methods to of methods to smoke on a gasoline BBQ.

A caveat although – utilizing this technique gained’t produce as a lot smoke as utilizing an precise smoker, however do not forget that meat can even solely tackle smoke to a selected temperature anyway, so the depth can be lighter within the completed product.

To realize smoking on a gasoline BBQ, you’ll want a couple of issues – a hooded gasoline BBQ that has a number of burners that may be managed individually, a smoker field (or you may make your personal) and a few wooden chips.


Firstly, soak your wooden chips in water. There are a couple of colleges of thought on soaking chips, some don’t trouble, others do in wine or one other alcohol. For the aim of utilizing a smoker field, I soak for half an hour in water, because it means they are going to smoulder and smoke, slightly than simply burn.

Choose a fruitwood that most closely fits the lower you might be cooking. Apple and hickory are good all function woods. Our mates at Heat Beads have a fantastic product to swimsuit


Subsequent, pre-heat your BBQ by turning on a burner on one aspect to excessive, both the aspect with the grill plate (as an alternative of the flat plate), or a detachable flat plate. This is identical as creating oblique warmth in a charcoal BBQ, you’ll create a zone that is freed from direct warmth, and have it coming from one aspect solely.


Take away the chips from the water and fill the smoker field. Don’t overfill it as you need room for the air and warmth to maneuver round. Should you don’t have a smoker field, take a small foil tray with some holes punched within the backside, add your wooden chips, then seal with foil and punch some holes within the prime. Alternatively, Amazon has a range of smoker boxes available to buy.

As soon as the BBQ is at temperature, place the smoker field on the direct warmth aspect of the BBQ. Some smoker containers are designed to take a seat instantly on the burners, however having it on excessive can be sufficient for it to take a seat on the grill typically.

Shut the lid and anticipate the field to start out producing smoke. Add a tray with a trivet to the aspect of the BBQ that doesn’t have direct warmth in order that the smoke can get round the entire lower.


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How to Smoke on a Gas BBQ

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